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About Me

about me

I am a

This is my detailed personal website. You can see all information about me. I'm from India. I live in Thrissur district in Kerala state (District is like a county).You can find my blog, social networks, my experience, skills etc. from here.

Personal Information

  • Full Name : Renjith Valanighat Ramakrishnan
  • Date of Birth : 6th May 1990
  • Location : Bangalore,India
  • Current Role :Senior Manager - Backend Developer
  • MaritalStatus :Married
  • Nationality : Indian
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My Interests


Playing Soccer

Watch Movies


Listening Music



Personal Questions

  • Are you married?
  • Yes

  • How many years of Programming experience have you now?
  • I have 6 years & 3 months of experience in programming.

  • Are you a degree holder?
  • Yes. Bachelor of Technology - Computer Science & Engineering

  • Which programming languages do you prefer?
  • I know PHP, Javascript, SQL, Python, & BrightScript. The first preference goes to PHP.

  • Would you like to work abroad?
  • Yes, But I don't prefer African countries. If the company is willing to sponsor me with the work visa, I can come abroad and work. I can speak English fluently. And I'm a beginner in German language.

  • Do you have any work visa from any country?
  • No. I need work visa to work abroad

  • Do you dance?
  • Yes I do. But not a great dancer

  • Who are your Favorite Actors?
  • I have 6 favorite actors in different languages.

    • Christian Bale in English movies.
    • Mohan Lal in Malayalam movies.
    • Kamal Hassan & Chiyaan Vikram in Tamil movies.
    • Sharukh Khan & John Abraham in Hindi Movies.

  • Which is favorite sport/game?
  • Soccer. Love to play soccer. I like swimming too.

  • Which are your favorite songs?
  • There are many songs. So I created a blog for my favorite songs. I love all genres. I used to listen to songs from different languages from Youtube and online radio. RVR Favorites - A blog for my favorite songs.

  • Who are your favorite comic superheroes?
    • Batman from DC.
    • Ironman from Marvel.
    • Deadpool from Marvel.
    • Superman from DC.
    • Wolverine from Marvel.
    • Doctor Fate from DC.
    • Spiderman from Marvel.
    • Flash from DC.
    • Swat Kats from Hanna-Barbera.
    • Shazam from DC.

    I'm a superhero fan. That's why I created a blog for superheroes - RVR SuperHeroes.

  • Which programming books have you read?
  • I have read some parts from different books. I liked some books from Mr. Larry Ullman. The following books are also good.

    • PHP 6 and MySQL 5 for Dynamic Web Sites - Larry Ullman
    • PHP 5 Advanced: Visual QuickPro Guide - Larry Ullman
    • Head First PHP & MySQL: A Brain-Friendly Guide
    • PHP for the World Wide Web - Larry Ullman
    • PHP Objects, Patterns, and Practice
    • PHP in a Nutshell
    • PHP & MySQL: Novice to Ninja